Rolling into a skatepark in the heart of Athens’ Kerameikos neighbourhood, Skaterotopia dives into the urban skaters’ world. Entering into the skate spot Latraac through its sliding doors, the documentary mingles with the visitors to the space. Functioning as a cafe during the day and a hip bar during the night, Latraac mainly serves its role of being a wood-built skate bowl, envisioned and constructed by its founder architect and fellow skater. The movie investigates the profiles and identities of the skaters present at Latraac, then allows them to lead us into the diverse skater communities across the city. ΟΑΚΑ skatepark is one location where the movie introduces the viewer to a younger, more diverse community of amateur skaters. The movie brings the viewer back to the skate spot Latraac and subtly reflects on its status within the larger community and neighbourhood it is located within. Skaterotopia investigates the multiple forms of exclusion and inclusion present within a skater community’s place within the larger urban environment of Athens that is undergoing significant and fast-paced changes.
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